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0000024Might & Fealty[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-11-03 06:45
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Product Version1.0.4.1 
Target Version1.0.4.2Fixed in Version 
Summary0000024: Killing character not removing location instantly results in blank page when viewing their log until next turn
DescriptionLongest summary ever.

Prior to the 1.0.3 update, on character death the location was NULL'd on character death. Now, it's NULL'd on game turn. This means that if a character dies, either by player action or battle or something else, until the next turn, players will receive a blank page when attempting to play them or view their history, due to their location not being NULL.

I'm not certain how exactly location not being NULL trips the error.missing.soul in the getCharacter() function of AppState.php, but it does so in such a way that rather than throwing an error to the user, it blanks the page as if Apache has encountered a critical error.

It finishes all processing though, and next turn when the game NULLs the location (I checked this through manual database editing), it's fixed. So, irritating, but not a show-stopper.
Additional InformationWe really need to add a system flag to characters so we know what new slumber and deaths we haven't checked yet, both to fix this and to cut down on the turn times.
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