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0000044Might & Fealty[All Projects] Generalpublic2020-09-25 18:07
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Summary0000044: Troop columns on battle report are reversed.
DescriptionAfter a battle, the battle report had the troop columns reversed (see screenshot).

Also, the lord that actually had lordship of Arnheim had been captured by somebody (Otto) and was away from the town. That lord did escape from captivity, but, was not close to Arnheim at all. The battle began at Arnheim (selected Attack Settlement) and, for some reason, Daegan Guran became the combating lord. This lord was slumbering. Strange as he was not singled out for attack. With that said, Daegan does have a claim to Arnheim, so, perhaps that's why.

I understand that these are two separate bugs, but, I figured they might be related so I brought it up? Not sure.

Hope this helps and thanks for all that you do for this game.
Steps To ReproduceAttack a town with the original lord not present, but, with another lord there (slumbering) who has a claim. Maybe try too have a single lord present who does not have a claim to see if it makes a difference? I'm sure you already know the answer.
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